Pride of Kolachi Pakistani Cuisine (Halal)

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Pride of Kolachi Pakistani Cuisine (Halal)
Indian, Pakistani
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Kolachi Entree

Vegetable Samosas (3 Pieces) Mouth watering pastry indulged with sweet & sour potato
$7.00 Add
Mix Veg Pakora (6 Pieces) Mix vegetable coated with spicy battered and deep fried served with mint sauce
$6.00 Add
Prawn Pakora (6 Pieces) Prawn coated in a mixture of white flour , soya sauce and egg
$6.50 Add
Fires Deep fried potato chips
$3.50 Add
Kolachi Customer Choice Any combination of four entree
$10.00 Add
$1.80 Add

Kolachi Special

Chicken Handi A boneless chicken cooked in a number of phases to bring a taste and aroma of all the spices with cream and served in a wok
$13.50 Add
Karahi ( Lamb / Beef / Chicken) Lamb / beef / chicken pieces cooked in a wok tomatoes, ginger garlic and green chillis and fresh herbs garnished with coriender leaves and fresh ginger
$13.50 Add
Chicken Haleem A fire combination of varrious wheat and lentil slowly cooked with chicken with chef;s special spices served with ginger and fried onion
$13.50 Add
Beef Haleem A fine combination of varrious wheat and lentils slowly cooked with beef with chef's special spices served with ginger and fried onions
$13.50 Add
Beef Nihari Chunks of fine beef shanks slowely cooked with homemade spices, garnished with ginger and corinders
$13.50 Add
Reshmi Cheese Chicken Creamy boneless chicken with cheeey taste cooked in spices
$12.90 Add
Chapali Kebab Burger and Fries (1X Kebab) A delicious burger having chapali kebab and salad
$8.00 Add
Bun Kebab & Fries Originated from the street of Karachi. bun kebab is a spicy patty ( chana dal and potato) in a bun adorned with salad, chutney and ketchup
$8.00 Add

Kolachi Main Course - Vegetarian

Dal Fry (Chana) Chana lentils cooked with tomato, spices and given a stir with cream and butter
$10.50 Add
Daal Makhani (Chana) Chana lentils cooked with tomato, spices and traditional tarka technique at the end
$11.00 Add
Mix Vegetable A combination of selected veggies mixed together in a traditional way and finished with cumin and curry leaves tarka.
$11.00 Add
Paneer Masala Paneer cooked with mixture of tomatoes, yogurt spices and cream
$11.00 Add
Matar Paneer Masala Peas and paneer cooked with a mixture of tomatoes yogurt , spices and cream
$11.00 Add
Butter Paneeer Paneer cooked with tomato sauce, cream, butter and spices
$11.00 Add
Palak Paneer Cubes of homemade cottage cheese mixed with spinach
$12.00 Add
Eggplant Curry Fried eggplant along with potatoes cooked with tomato, onion and mixer of spices
$12.90 Add
Gobi Manchurian Crispy cauliflowers enhance the taste of the delicious Manchurian main recipe
$11.00 Add

Kolachi Main Course - Non Vegetarian

Rogan Josh From the valley of kashmir, lamb / beef curry with delicious blend of very fragrant spices and flavours
$13.50 Add
Madras (Lamb / Beef / Chicken) Tender lamb / beef / chicken diced cooked in special spices along with a south indian touch and flavours
$13.50 Add
Bhuna Gosth (Lamb / Beef) A smokey flavored curry of tender lamb / beef with a wok with a cooked onion, capsicum and coriender
$13.50 Add
Vindaloo Gosth (Lamb / Beef / Chicken) Lamb / beef / chicken is cooked with hot chilies, vinaiger and spices
$13.50 Add
Mango Chicken Tender pieces of chicken marinated in mango and cream sauce with mild spices
$12.90 Add
Butter Chicken Tandoori roasted chicken chicken indulged with creamy tomato sauce, butter, herbs and spices along with zaffron
$12.90 Add
Chana Dal Gosth ( Lamb / Beef) Tender cubes of lamb / beef & chana lentils cooked in tomato , spices and traditional tarka technique at the end
$13.80 Add
Saag Gosth (Lamb / Beef / Chicken) Tender cubes of lamb / beef / chicken cooked in blended spinach
$13.80 Add

Kolachi BBQ & Kebab

Shami Kebab (3 Pieces) A famous spicy paffy since mugal era made up of beef mince and lentils
$8.50 Add
Chappli Kebab (2 Pieces) A festive Peshawari beef kebab flavored in herb and spices served with mint sauce
$8.30 Add
Chicken Tikka A quarter chicken marinated in red chillis, ginger garlic paste chef's special spices and served with termind sauce
$10.30 Add
Malai Boti (2 Skewers) Boneless bite size chicken marinated in a homemade creamy herb marinade served with tamarind sauce
$12.50 Add
Seekh Kebab (2 Skewers) It is a traditional Pakistani dish prepared with mince and spices grilled on skewers and served with mint sauce
$12.00 Add

Kolachi Seafood

Fish Masala Fish cooked with mixture of tomatoes, yogurt and spices
$15.80 Add
Prawn Masala Prawns cooked in variety of spices, yogurt and spices
$16.80 Add
Fried Fish Marinated in spices, mustard sauce and egg
$8.70 Add


Normal Naan
$2.20 Add
Cheese Naan
$3.20 Add
Garlic Naan
$2.80 Add
Tandoori Naan Filled with cheese and chicken
$3.50 Add
Garlic & Cheese Naan
$4.50 Add
Wholemeal Roti
$2.20 Add

Rice Dishes

Steamed Rice
$2.20 Add
Mix Veg Rice
$10.50 Add

And Not To Forget

$3.50 Add
$3.80 Add
Garden Salad
$5.00 Add
Onion Salad
$2.30 Add


Mint Sauce
$2.00 Add
Tamarind Sauce
$2.00 Add
Mango Chutney
$2.30 Add


Gulab Jamun (3 Pieces) Dumpling of cream milk, golden fried and simmered in rose and cardamon flavor syrup
$4.40 Add
Ras Malai (3 Pieces) Soft milk dumpling cooked in milk and served with delicious reduced sweet milk
$4.50 Add


Mango Lassi
$3.30 Add
Plain Lassi
$3.00 Add
Soft Drink - 375mL
$2.50 Add
$3.50 Add
$3.00 Add


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