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“Ozfoodhunter serves a great values to both the Restaurants and Consumers with dedication and innovation”


Ozfoodhunter was established by a common restaurant background person in 2016. While running a small 45-seater Restaurant in cairns, found that online ordering trend moving near future up. A non-IT background person decided to provide a user-friendly website to order food online. Initially, took around 6 months to overcome the challenges. He sought out to do something better then website, then decided to build an APP to serve the food community in Brisbane and to support his fellow restaurant owners.

Initially meant to provide an online food ordering platform in Brisbane. But, with a successful track of dedication and innovation by the team, Ozfoodhunter expanded all over Australia within 2 years. Eventually reaching every corner of Australia with 3500+ restaurants on Ozfoodhunter website/App (IOS/ANDROID) now.

As a team, the most important of all is that Ozfoodhunter never lost our sole goal which is to serve the community. Whenever the team achieves a goal we look up for the next impossible task and make it possible.

we value

Ozfoodhunter never forgets the original purpose which is to serve the food community. The value and trust that’s put into the restaurant partner's food quality and services, and that’s what makes Ozfoodhunter possible. Ozfoodhunter helps in driving profitable growth for their restaurant partners by making their reach to the public far better by promoting the restaurant online with the elite crew of the Digital marketing executives.

Ozfoodhunter team is working all over Australia to reach out to any businesses regardless of the shape and size of the restaurants, which requires an online presence. so, Ozfoodhunter develops brand new websites with a new domain name for the restaurants with restaurant owners getting the ownership of the restaurant website. Sign up

we serve

Ozfoodhunter team takes a very serious and quality effort to get food delivered on your table. Ozfoodhunter has one of the best user interfaces which makes it easy to navigate and explore your local via your smartphone.

Ozfoodhunter offers a great choice for Australians when it comes to online food delivery and takeaway. With a great reviewing system, it makes ordering more reliable and easier to order food.

Even though our services are far better than any other companies’ online food ordering platform in Australia. We are still trying to improve the quality of the service and finding new ways to give advantages to our customers.