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Valentine’s Day Date Idea

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Valentine’s Day is not about sharing expensive gifts (even though your valentine will expect it). It is about how much you understand, love, care and share with her/him in a romantic way (what a cliché).

What better way to have a romantic night in a Private venue (your home) with your favorite playlist playing, a sip of an expensive wine bottle (not the one sold in Aldi for $3) and your favorite food (not Mc D, or KFC).

cook the food

Try and make everything yourself decorate your house, lit up the scented candles (not the entire house). Cook the food yourself (not 2 minutes noodles) better to order food outside (not Dominos).

Use Ozfoodhunter to order your food in advance to get your food home from an authentic homemade restaurant you like from your local.

Before all this, maybe you should ask your crush to be your Valentine first, you know, just in case….

be my valentine