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Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Melbourne

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We all take a long time to select the best pizza restaurant compared to choosing between meat lover pizza and supreme pizza (honestly, both taste the same). However, as our research among the pizza restaurant we will narrow down your options of best pizza places in Melbourne to make your pizza order, before the pizza store is closed.

Our research is depending upon the popularity of the restaurant, community impact of the restaurant, the time taken to cook, delivery on time or popping hot takeaway and reliable consistency of the delicious food in the restaurant. These are certain quality’s that we are looking for, in a Restaurant which will get a spot in this list.

  1. Coburg pizza

254 Sydney Rd, Coburg 3058

Weekend nights staple. Very good pizza with affordable prices and a friendly staff. You can get a large pizza for 10 dollars if you pick up, so it's a great deal.

Order at Coburg Pizza. Click here

  1. Eat Pizza-North Melbourne

55 Flemington Road, North Melbourne 3051

Very welcoming staff, clean kitchen, good service and amazing pizza. Also has homemade baklava only $5 for 5 pieces.  The business is obviously doing something right

Order at Eat Pizza north Melbourne. Click here

  1. Docklands Pizzeria

42 Caravel Lane, Docklands 3008

This place is a very good all-rounder place to eat. Perfect cure for your hangover or for a simple lunch or snack. This restaurant serves an array of food such as pizza, pasta, kebabs and good snack pack. The staff are very friendly and super-efficient.

Order at Docklands Pizzeria. Click here

  1. La Botte Pizza Restaurant

221 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South 3044

Excellent food, fantastic if you live in the area as you would normally need to drive further for food this good!

Order at la Botte Pizza restaurant. Click here

  1. St Albans Pizza Point

171 Main Road West, St Albans 3021

One of the best fast delivered food in the west! Very fast delivery time friendly driver, and very yummy and filling food.

Order at St Albans Pizza Point. Click here

  1. Jessie's Pizza-Hoppers Crossing

Shop 1, 2-6 Deloraine Drive, Hoppers Crossing 3029

Great pizza. Orders ready very quickly and have great amount of topping. The nicest tasting pizza good value for money in the area.

Order at Jessie’s Pizza Hoppers Crossing. Click here

  1. Royale Pizza Melbourne

56 Spencer St, Melbourne 3000

Like someone said here, you can tell these guys love what they do. He makes pizza like a painter does a painting. Attention to detail and lots of love. Outstanding.

Order at Royale Pizza Melbourne. Click here

  1. Exotic Pizza Pasta and Kebab-Deer Park

7/8 Hatchlands Drv, Deer Park 3023

Great pizza.  Exceptional service.  Having a one stop shop offering pizza, pasta and kebabs is very handy. Staff are welcoming and friendly and the meals taste great.

Order at Exotic Pizza Pasta and kebab Deer park. Click here

  1. Angelos Pizza E Cucina

1115 Johnston st, Collingwood 3066

Pizzas are delicious and service is always with a smile. Best value pizza this side of town. Excellent and tasty pizza at good prices!

Order at Angelos Pizza E Cucina. Click here

  1. Mamma Teresa Pizza and Pasta

431 Melbourne Road, Newport 3015

In this place you can find simple and good Italian food the portions are big and the prices are in balance. It's a nice place for large delicious meal, it's not about fine dining.

Order at Mamma Teresa Pizza and Pasta. Click here