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Fish & Chips – Health tips by Swannies Fish & Chips Restaurant

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You see, people always have a wrong assumption When it comes to health issues when you eat too much fish and chips. But I would say, it is kind of true, but not really.

Let me explain, too much of fish and chips is bad, too much of pizza is bad, too much of junk food is bad, too much of meat is bad, too much of cheese is bad, too much of vegetables are bad, even too much of salad is bad then again, too much of food is always bad.

That doesn’t mean we should never eat food at all, as long as we keep our food limited and eat a sufficient amount of food to run the body you have nothing to worry about.


too much food

People think fish and chips are loaded with calories and it will make you fat. Then again, a limited amount is not going to change anything. The wonderful thing about enjoying all food in balance is that no one type of food will result in you consuming excess calories or will adversely affect your health.

You really do not need to worry about how many calories you are consuming or whether the meal is nutritious enough. I might point out here that potatoes and fish are very nutritious, even when deep-fried. As long as they are cooked in a hygienic process.

Mindful eating cycle

Worrying about calories can take much of the pleasure out of eating and you may find you’re less likely to feel satisfied at the end of the meal. So, you end up eating another meal just so you can satisfy yourself and you will feel uncomfortably full.

Next time you have a meal out, try to put aside any thoughts about calories or nutrition. Instead, be grateful for how the food looks, how it smells, how it tastes and think about how you feel in terms of your hunger and fullness, before, during and after the meal. Also, consider how the food taste changes as you progress through the meal.

Eating peacefully

For many people, this is not as easy as it sounds, and for some people, it takes time to be able to reconnect with food, appetite signals and sensations in the body. This is a key part of what the intuitive eating process is about.

If you do choose to avoid a portion of a certain food, don’t make that choice because it’s high in calories or because you’re trying to lose weight; but because it’s not what you feel like eating right at that moment or because you’re not actually hungry for the food.

This information was gathered from The Swannies Fish & Chips one of the famous Fish and chips restaurants in Middle Swan, Perth running successfully for the last 8 Years.