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5 foods that are a must before hitting your workout

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“Winner winner chicken dinner” probably you might be very familiar with this, only the winners in a popular mobile game can see this. But it’s different with the athlete’s to win the game they should have a different diet.

Why are we talking about food habits in increasing athlete’s performance? Does food habit ring some bell!! If not, let’s delve into the top 5 foods that can improve your performance on the field where it matters the most.

These energy rich foods can increase the metabolism of fats, get you in good shape and aid in building your muscle protein and stamina. Not just that, these wonder foods helps in recovery, hydration and boosts energy levels throughout the day.

The first food in the list is oil. Ever wonder why an oil out of many foods that can improve energy. Are you familiar with or heard of triglycerides the complex medium chain fats? Not an issue if you are not familiar with Biology.

What you should consume every day is Coconut oil: Let us take you into understanding metabolism. When the body needs energy, the first thing it goes after is stored glucose. That’s exactly the time you feel the hunger. A portion of the food we eat is utilised for creating energy and the rest of glucose is stored in the liver. However, the fats that are stored are not the primary resource for glucose production. Hence fats add to body weight.

The triglycerides from the coconut oil help to burn fat for energy and hence you can get into your shape. Getting body into shape is a frenzy these days and it certainly makes you look good, fit and confident. You can consume coconut oil through your food dishes that are cooked or add them into your smoothies.

The second food is chia seeds also called the runner’s food. It can provide a day’s energy for a tablespoon of chia. This is very important for athletes and sports personalities. These smaller seeds pack a punch in terms of their nutritional values. It is very rich in Fiber, Protein, fats of omega -3, calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. These seeds can be had with smoothies, desserts or with honey

The third food is Collagen or Whey Protein: These complex molecules are the building blocks for the muscles, help increase fat metabolism and in recovery.

Collagens are helpful in delaying the ageing of the skin. It helps to strengthen hair, nails improve gut health and helps in tissue regeneration. Consuming organic collagen or whey protein is quite healthy if you wanna look young and bold. It is found in egg white, spirulina, codfish, Meat, citrus fruits to aid production of collagen, milk, swiss cheese, edible berries and so on. These foods either directly or indirectly help synthesise these proteins.

The number four on the list in Antioxidant foods: You must be familiar with antioxidant if you are a millennial as they help in cellular regeneration, heal tissues, recovery, reduces cancer risks, more often than not is good for you heart. These vitamins such as Vit-C, Vit-E are natural antioxidants. Consuming a lot of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, vegetables, nuts are considered to be rich antioxidant foods.

The fifth food is Nature’s electrolyte: Yes we are talking about the coconut water that is rich in potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium, fructose, glucose which aids in recovery boosting energy levels.

Daily intake of all these superfoods promotes wellbeing and a healthier and younger you. If you think that you need to make that move to look good and improve your personality, start consuming these energy-rich food right away!