Zaika Indian Takeaway & Restaurant

2/201 Main South Road, Morphett Vale 5162
Zaika Indian Takeaway & Restaurant
Del: 11:30 - 14:00,
16:30 - 21:00
Pick: 11:30 - 14:00,
16:30 - 21:00
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Beef Rendag Beef cooked with chilli, lemongrass, Laos root cumin, black pepper and coconut milk
$14.00 Add

Meal Deals

$2.00 Add
$1.00 Add
Butter Chicken & Rice
$6.00 Add
Chicken & Beef Wraps
$6.00 Add
Curry Platter Two meat & one veg with rice & bread
$10.00 Add

Starters/ Appetizers

Banquet For 2 (Save upto $ 10) 1x Vegetable Pakora (2 Pcs), 4 x Chicken Tikka, 1 x Beef Curry or Chicken Curry,1x Dhal,1x Potato Bhaji,1 x Pappadum, 1 x Large Rice, 1 x Naan, 1 x Raita, 1 x 1.25 Ltr Drink
$35.00 Add
Banquet For 4 (Save upto $20) 3 x Curries, 2 x Stuff Naan, 3 x Saffron Rice, 1 x Pappadum, 1 x Raita, 1 x Mango Chutney
$60.00 Add
Seafood For 2 - Only $ 25 (Save upto $6.00) 1 x Prawn, or Fish Malabar 1 x Naan, 1 x Large Rice, 1 x Fish Masala (Dry fried)
$25.00 Add

Tandoori Starters

Spring Rolls Vegetarian
$5.00 Add
Vegetarian Pakora Lightly spiced vegetable with yoghurt and mint sauce.
5 pieces $6.50 Add
Samosa Savory pastries with vegetable filling,yoghurt and mint sauce
$6.50 Add
Chicken Satay Kebab Marinated pieces of chicken with garlic,soya and spices, skewer and grilled with peanut sauce
4 sticks $6.50 Add
Lamb Curry Crepe A blend of lamb curry, rolled in a crepe with grilled cheese and cream topping
$10.00 Add
Onion Bhaji Rings of onion dipped in besan batter and fried.
$6.00 Add
French Chicken wings
6 pieces $6.50 Add


Chicken Vindaloo (Hot) Chilli and chicken based boneless chicken curry
$14.00 Add
Hyderabadi Chicken Curry Chicken cooked in yoghurt, garlic, onion, chilli coconut and garam masala
$14.00 Add
Murgh Shahi Korma Boneless chicken cooked in a blend of aromatic spices, onion, ginger and garam masala
$14.00 Add
Butter Chicken Cubes of breast fillet, marinated in yoghurt,cheese garlic, chilli and finished tandoori tomato and ginger sauce.
$14.00 Add


Beef Vindaloo A south Indian delicacy! Beef cooked in a traditionally hot & spicy sauce
$14.00 Add
Beef Madras A spicy Madras style curry with lots of gravy
$14.00 Add


Gosht do Piaza A double onion lamb curry with a dash of capsicum and yoghurt
$14.00 Add
Lamb Korma Blend of aromatic spices, dessicated coconut and onion
$14.00 Add
Lamb Roghan Josh Diced Lamb, curried in onion,garlic,ginger paprika and tomato
$14.00 Add
Lamb Saag Cubes of curried lamb cooked with spinach and a dash of coconut
$14.00 Add
Kofta Kari Minced lamb meatballs cooked in spicy sauce of tomato, yoghurt, onions and spices
$12.00 Add


Prawn Malabar Prawns pan fried in a spice,coconut and tamarind sauce, served with assorted vegetables.
$16.00 Add
Squid Sambal (Hot) Rings of squid, in a hot chilli,garlic, lemongrass,coconut,Laos roo and blachan sauce.
$13.00 Add
Fish of the Day
$13.50 Add


Aloo Channa Fresh chickpeas and potatoes cooked in mild spicy curry with fresh sautéed capsicum and tomatoes.
$10.00 Add
Aloo Saag Paneer Cottage cheese and spiced potato in a spicy spinach puree.
$10.00 Add
Maa Ki Dhal Spiced, pureed lentil dhal
$7.50 Add
Paneer Mattar Potato,pea and homemade cottage cheese curry in muckni sauce
$9.00 Add
Potato Bhaji Potatoes sautéed in garlic,chilli, coriander, lemon.
$9.00 Add
Brinjal Eggplant Curry With green chilli, tamarind, tomato and fresh curry leaves.
$10.00 Add
Palak Paneer Spinach & paneer in a thick curry sauce based on pureed spinach
$15.99 Add
Kofta Malai Paneer cheese rolled with spiced vegetables in a sauce of tomato, coriander and coconut.
$10.00 Add
Mushroom Shai Mushroom sautéed in garlic,fennel,tomato & fresh curry leaves.
$10.00 Add


Aloo Biryani Basmati rice cooked in fresh potatoes
$8.00 Add
Pullao Rice spiced rice
$3.50 Add
Basmati Rice Plain steamed rice
Half $2.50 Add Full $3.50 Add
Chicken Biryani Basmati rice cooked with boneless chicken in biryani spiced garnished with coriander and mint
$13.00 Add
Lamb Biryani Basmati rice cooked with boneless lamb in biryani spices
$13.00 Add
Prawn Biryani Basmati rice cooked with prawns in biryani spices with a hint of fresh mint leaves and fresh coriander
$14.00 Add
Channa Biryani Basmati rice cooked with fresh chickpeas in biryani spices garnished with fresh coriander and mint leaves
$8.00 Add
Vegetable Biryani Long grain rice cooked with fresh garden vegetables in biryani spices
$8.00 Add

Snacks and Chaats

Goat Darbari Goat with fresh curry leaves, fennel, coconut, tomato, green chilli and star anise.
$14.00 Add


Gulab Jamun (serve 2) Popular Indian Desert! Warm donut floating in a sugar syrup
$4.99 Add
Ice Creams
$6.99 Add


Plain Lassi
$4.00 Add
Soft Drink Cans
$3.00 Add
Mango Lassi
$4.00 Add
Soft Drink 1.25 Ltr
$4.50 Add


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