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Siam Spice

23/8 Carraway Street, Kelvin Grove 4059



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Overall Restaurant Rating 4.00

  • Jenna

    1. Overall rating : 4.0
    2. Food Rating : 2
    3. Value Rating : 6
    4. Delivery Speed Rating : 4
    • 2019-02-27 01:48:29

    I have eaten here many times and their curries and noodle dishes are delicious. Last night I really felt like a Thai Beef Salad - so I ordered takeaway. When I got home to eat my dinner, the meal was pretty much inedible. There was SO much chilli, the sauce was off and very sour but hot from the chilli at the same time. There was a strange white texture al over the beef (which I think might have been ground up rice) There was 2 lettuce leaves and 1 piece of Tomato amongst a sea of Spanish Onion, Beef and Sauce. I could only stomach a few mouthfuls, it was that repulsive. I have eaten many Thai Beef Salads in Thailand and from restaurants here and they are delicious. This one just totally missed the mark, was disgusting and inedible. Sadly I will never order again.