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Satay Grilled marinated chicken breast on a skewer topped with satay sauce.
ADD 4 Pcs $8.00
Vegetarian Spring Roll Vegetables, vermicelli, fungus wrapped in crispy pastry and served with sweet plum sauce.
ADD 4 Pcs $6.00
Curry Puff Puff pastry filled with vegetables, dry coconut, potato, lightly spiced with curry powder and served with sweet chilli sauce.
ADD 4 Pcs) $6.00
Fish Cake Spicy Thai fish cakes, deep fried and served with sweet chilli sauce, cucumber and ground peanut.
ADD 4 Pcs $8.00
Salt and Pepper Calamari Deep fried calamari served with sweet chilli sauce.
ADD $8.50
Golden Ball
ADD 6 Pcs $6.50
Crispy Golden Prawns King prawns marinated with mixed Thai herbs wrapped with spring roll sheets served with sweet chilli sauce.
ADD Each $2.50
Coconut Crabs Deep fried crumbed crab claw served with sweet plum sauce.
ADD 4 Pcs $8.00
Mixed Entree A mixture of fish cake, spring roll, curry puff, satay chicken served with sweet chilli and satay sauce.
ADD Per Person $8.00


Tom Yum Hot and sour soup with Thai herbs and mushroom.
ADD $6.50
Tom Kha Coconut milk soup with chilli jam and mushroom.
ADD $6.50


Green Curry Medium hot authentic curry paste based with coconut milk, vegetables, bamboo shoot and basil leaves.
ADD $11.90
Red Curry Mild authentic curry paste base coconut milk, vegetables, bamboo shoot and basil.
ADD $11.90
Panang Curry Thick curry cooked in coconut milk, vegetables and peanut sauce.
ADD $11.90
Yellow Curry Mild curry with potatoes, onion, coconut milk.
ADD $11.90
Massaman Curry Lamb Mild curry with coconut milk, potato, onion, bay leaves and peanut.
ADD $14.90
Massaman Curry Beef Mild curry with coconut milk, potato, onion, bay leaves and peanut.
ADD $12.90
Jungle Curry (No Coconut)(hot) Capsicum, green bean, zucchini, bamboo shoot, baby corn, basil leaves and green peppercorns.
ADD $11.90

Wok On Fire

Chilli and Basil (Medium Hot) Fresh chilli, mixed vegetables, carrot and basil leaves.
ADD $11.90
Cashew Nut and Chilli Jam Cashew nut, chilli jam, capsicum, onion, shallot and baby corn.
ADD $11.90
Garlic and Pepper Onion, bok choy and Chinese broccoli.
ADD $11.90
Ginger and Mushroom Fresh ginger, mushroom, onion, shallot, carrot, baby corn and mixed vegetables.
ADD $11.90
Oyster Sauce Mixed vegetables and mushroom and baby corn.
ADD $11.90
Peanut Sauce Mixed vegetables
ADD $11.90
Sweet and Sour Cucumber, tomato, onion, baby corn and vegetables.
ADD $11.90

Thai Salad (Yum)

Beef Salad or Chicken Salad Slice grilled steak, Thaitanic dressing and fresh vegetables.
ADD $14.90
Mince Chicken or Beef (Larb) Warm salad with Thaitanic dressing and Thai dressing salad.
ADD $14.90
Prawns or Mixed Seafood Salad Fresh king prawns or mixed seafood, lemongrass and homemade Thai dressing.
ADD $14.90
Calamari Salad Calamari with mixed salad tossed with medium spicy chilli lime dressing.
ADD $14.90
Spicy Vermicelli Salad (Yum Wun Sen) Mixed seafood, prawns, onion, tossed with Thaitanic dressing topped with dried shrimp, spring onion and coriander.
ADD $14.90
Thaitanic Mixed Seafood Salad (Yum Talay) Grilled mixed seafood served with mixed salad and Thai nam jim dressing.
ADD $14.90

House Special

Steamed Jasmine Rice
ADD Small $2.50
ADD Large $3.50
Crying Tiger Grilled marinated steak served with spicy Thai sauce.
ADD $14.90
BBQ Chicken Chicken thight fillet size marinated with selected Thai herbs, served with spicy Thai sauce.
ADD $14.90
BBQ Lamb Rib (Prawn, fish fillet and mussel) fresh homemade chilli paste, capsicum, basil leaves, green pepper corn and kaffir lime leafs.
ADD $16.90
Roast Duck Chilli and Basil (Medium Hot) Fresh chilli paste, capsicum, onions, mushroom and basil leaves.
ADD $14.90
Prawns (Garlic or Chilli) stir­fried king prawns, vegies and selected vegetables
ADD Garlic $14.90
ADD Chilli $14.90
Coconut Rice
ADD Small $3.50
ADD Large $4.50
Thai Fried Rice or Spicy Fried Rice
ADD $10.90


Pad Thai Rice noodle (thin) tamarind sauce, egg, bean sprout, garlic chives and ground peanut.
ADD $11.90
Pad See­-Eiw (Flat Noodle) Chinese sweet soy­sauce, oyster sauce and mixed select vegetable.
ADD $11.90

Favourite Noodle Menu - Design Your Own Dish

Pad Kee Mao
ADD $11.90
Pad See Ew
ADD $11.90
Thai Chilli
ADD $11.90
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce
ADD $11.90
Chinese Oyster Sauce
ADD $11.90
Hot and Spicy Japanese Sauce
ADD $11.90
Malaysia Satay Sauce
ADD $11.90
Thai Coconut Sauce
ADD $11.90
ADD $11.90
Tom Yum Soup
ADD $11.90


Fried Ice Cream
ADD Caramel $5.50
ADD Chocolate $5.50
ADD Strawberry $5.50


Soft Drink (Can)
ADD Coke Zero $2.00
ADD Diet Coke $2.00
ADD Lemonade $2.00
ADD Coke $2.00
Lemon Lime and Bitter
ADD $3.80
Orange Juice
ADD $3.80

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