Sundara Indian Restaurant

66 Jessica boulevard, Minyama 4575
Del: 17:00 - 21:00
Pick: 17:00 - 22:00
Min. Delivery: $20.00
Min. Delivery Fee: $5.00
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Pappadum Crispy chickpea flour water
(4 pieces) $1.90 Add
Samosa (Vege or Meat) Home made pastry with freshly spiced meat or vegetable fillings
(3 pieces) $5.50 Add
Onion Bhaji Mildly spiced onion fritters
$5.50 Add
Pakora Onion or Vegetables Onion and spinach or vegetables filling spiced with fresh herbs and deep­fried in chickpea batter
(4 pieces) $5.50 Add
Tandoori Chicken Wings Marinated chicken wings with fresh herbs & spices cooked in tandoor
(3 pieces) $5.50 Add
Macchi Calamari rings fried in a spicy batter
$7.90 Add
Chicken Tikka Diced breast fillet marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices, cooked in tandoor
$9.90 Add
Coconut Prawns (4pcs) Local succulent prawns battered and fried in crumbled coconut
$9.90 Add
Tandoori Lamb Cutlet (3pcs) Tandoori cooked tender cutlet served with mint sauce
$11.90 Add
Mixed Entree (2 persons) Samosa, chicken wings, pakora, macchi
$13.90 Add

Sundara Specials

Butter Chicken Cubed chicken breast cooked in sauce with tomato, ground cashews and cream
$16.90 Add
Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken breast cooked in creamy sauce of tomato puree and ground cashews
$16.90 Add
Malai Kofta Potato & cottage cheese cooking in a creamy cashew gravy and fresh herbs
Lamb $16.90 Add Chicken $16.90 Add
Dhansak Delicious curry simmered in lentil sauce with fresh lemon juice
Lamb $16.90 Add Beef $16.90 Add Chicken $16.90 Add Goat $16.90 Add
Saag Wala Tasty curry seasoned with cardamom, tomatoes and pan fried spinach
Lamb $16.90 Add Beef $16.90 Add Chicken $16.90 Add Goat $16.90 Add
Tikka Jalfrezi Rich tandoori cooked chicken, beef or lamb then stir fried with fresh capsicum, red onion, carrots and chillies
Lamb $17.90 Add Chicken $17.90 Add Beef $17.90 Add
Mango Chicken Chicken with subtle marsala spices, cream and juicy slices of mango
$18.90 Add

Traditional Curries

Madras Traditional tomato based curry with onion, ginger, garlic & spices
$11.90 Add
Vindaloo Medium spiced delicious curry prepared with tomatoes, capsicum & other herbs and spices
$11.90 Add
Ceylon Smooth creamy curry with coconut milk and Ceylon spices
$11.90 Add
Korma Sweet and creamy curry with yoghurt, fruit and nuts
$11.90 Add
Rogan Josh Flavoursome suave curry infused with yoghurt, ginger and onion
$11.90 Add
Bhoona Bangali style curry with onion, ginger and garlic
$11.90 Add


Mixed Seafood Bhaji Tomato Spicy stirfry with capsicums, spices, mushrooms & tomatoes
$19.90 Add
Mixed Seafood Naryial Coconut Pan fried with traditional spices then simmered in coconut milk
$19.90 Add
Fish Goan An aromatic fish bhaji with onion and spices
$15.90 Add
Prawn Malai Marinated prawns with ginger, garlic then pan fried with fresh tomatoes and spices simmered in coconut milk
$19.90 Add
Sundara Seafood mix of prawns, fish, scallops and squid cooked with capsicum, onion, ginger and finished with aromatic coriander in a beautiful thick sauce
$22.90 Add

Naan Bread

Naan Leavened bread with yeast baked in tandoor
$2.90 Add
Garlic Naan Naan topped with fresh garlic
$3.90 Add
Saag Naan Naan filled with spinach
$4.50 Add
Garlic and Cheese Naan Naan topped with garlic and filled with cheese
$4.50 Add
Saag Paneer Naan Naan filled with spinach and cottage cheese
$4.50 Add
Keema Naan Filled with spicy mince
$4.50 Add
Chicken and Onion Naan Filled with chicken, onion and spices
$5.50 Add

Rice and Biryani

Steamed Rice
$1.50 Add
Pilau Rice Premium basmati rice spiced with onion, ginger garlic and spices
$2.50 Add
Biryani Aromatic Indian style fried pilau rice seasoned with herbs and spices
Lamb $15.90 Add Chicken $14.90 Add Beef $14.90 Add

Vegetarian Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Kadai Fresh seasoned vegetables flavoured with herbs and spices
$12.90 Add
Aloo Saag Potato and spinach seasoned with herbs and spices
$12.90 Add
Palak Paneer Spinach simmered with cottage cheese in a creamy cashew sauce
$12.90 Add
Tadka Dhal Plain lentil nutritious soup with tadka garlic and onion
$12.90 Add
Dhal Dhansak Subji Dhal Lentil sauce cooked in spices and fresh lemon juice with vegetables
$12.90 Add
Dhal Makano Black dhal simmered in creamy sauce with herbs and spices
$12.90 Add
Paneer Tikka Masala Traditional cottage cheese cooked in an almond curry with capsicum, tomato, onion & fresh coriander
$12.90 Add

Salads/ Accompaniments

Indian Salad Tomato, onion, coriander fresh lemon juice
$2.50 Add
Raita Cucumber, yoghurt and spices
$2.50 Add
Sweet Mango Chutney
$2.50 Add
Lime Pickle
$2.50 Add
Hot Mixed Pickle
$2.50 Add


Gulub Jamun Traditional Indian style juicy deep­fried dumplings served with sugar syrup
(3 pieces) $4.50 Add
Kulfi Delicious Indian ice­cream with cashew and pistachio
$4.50 Add


Soft Drinks
Coke $2.50 Add Fanta $2.50 Add Lift $2.50 Add Diet Coke $2.50 Add Coke Zero $2.50 Add
Sweet Lassi
$4.00 Add
Mango Lassi
$4.00 Add


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