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The Restaurants agrees to pay 50 Cents per person commission on every confirmed online booking table.

Bank Details (Must be provided)

Bank details must be provided so that OZ Food Hunter can transfer money directly into below nominated account. Missing account details will result in you not receiving your payment on time. Invoices cut-off is on the 1st and 15th of every month. OZ Food Hunter will deposit money owed to the venue into below nominated account in three business days thereafter.

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Order Amount, Delivery Charge and Delivery Estimates

Minimum Order amount for Delivery $ only fill in this section if you have a minimum order amount for delivery.
Delivery cost for all Suburbs* $ If different suburbs have a different delivery charge fill in below.
Minimum order for Free Delivery $ only fill in this section if there is a delivery charge and a free delivery minimum.

*Delivery charge must be the same charge that you offer to your direct customers

Order Sending Methods

OZ FOOD HUNTER (Automated Email & SMS) This is FREE - Venue must have a current, active Computer/Phone with internet for it to work
OZ FOOD HUNTER Device (Automated Printer) This is a Printing device. Once accept the order. It will print.
Phone Only (Free service). Phone and a backup line must be active.

Delivery / Pick-Up

Delivery Schedule Day

EveryDay Lunch | From: To: Dinner | From: To:

Pickup Schedule Day

EveryDay Lunch | From: To: Dinner | From: To:

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1st Customer Discount

OZ FOOD HUNTER 1st Customer Discout encourages existing customer to order your restaurant for the 1st time.

* I agree to offer 10% discount for all 1st time customer orders.

Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program encourages customers to remain loyal to YOUR venue and re-order many times.

* I agree to offer: order times and get order FREE.

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Herein refers to D2V Pty Ltd which owns OZ FOOD HUNTER. OZ FOOD HUNTER is an online food ordering service provider and restaurant guide.The Supplier: Herein refers to the restaurant/café/caterer/takeaway and/or delivery venue listed with OZ FOOD HUNTER.

  1. The Restaurant grants permission to have its content displayed by The Company and purchased by customers on The Company website.
  2. OZ FOOD HUNTER will take no responsibility for any loss or damage direct or otherwise arising out of this agreement. The Restaurant will identify. The Company against any third party lawsuit or proceeding brought against OZ FOOD HUNTER or its officers, as a consequence of any problems with the accuracy and/or validity of the menu displayed to the customer online and/or the quality of food or service provided by The Restaurant.
  3. The Restaurant agrees to pay the Company 7% Commission on every confirmed order.
  4. The Restaurants agrees to pay 50 Cents per person commission on every confirmed online booking table.
  5. Tax invoices are generated on the 1st and 15th of every month. If the Tax invoice totals a net amount owing to the restaurant, OZ FOOD HUNTER agrees to transfer funds via internet bank transfer in three working days from the invoice date. If the Tax Invoice reflects a net amount going by The Restaurant, The Restaurant agrees to pay The Company within 15 days.
  6. The OZ FOOD HUNTER reserves the right to refuse to display The Restaurant details without prior consent or notification.
  7. The Restaurant agrees to respect all special offers displayed by The OZ FOOD HUNTER which are supplied or agreed to by the Restaurant.
  8. The restaurant accept sole responsibility for the truth and validity of all information provided and displayed.
  9. The OZ FOOD HUNTER and The Restaurant agree to terminate this agreement based on request from either party in writing any time.
  10. The restaurant agree to treat all customer's personal information with the most privacy security and not to disclose them to any third party without the customer's consent.
  11. The Restaurant agrees to notify The OZ FOOD HUNTER of any changes relating to the ownership of the business. Failure to notify the Company of such changes relating to the ownership of the business, which results in overpayment of commission by The Company, such commission must be reimbursed at the request of The Company.
  12. The Restaurant agrees to work Effectively with the OZ FOOD HUNTER as The Supplier's Online Food Ordering provider until termination of this agreement.
  13. The Restaurant agrees to display the same (or less expensive) prices as show in the venue, delivery charges and Credit Card fees (if appropriate) on The OZ FOOD HUNTER website as it shows for its own particular store.
  14. Any charges will be mentioned on the tax invoice as per clause 4.
  15. The Restaurant agrees to completely offer to The OZ FOOD HUNTER the 1st Customer Discount and/or Customer Loyalty Program agreement.
  16. All charges and commissions are excluding GST. GST amount will be shown on The Company tax invoice.
  17. Depending upon termination of this agreement, all outstanding fees owed to the OZ FOOD HUNTER Company and/or The Supplier will become immediately due and payable.
  18. The OZ FOOD HUNTER will charge customer for the total order amount should they selected to pay by credit card.
  19. The Restaurant agrees to pay merchant fees to OZ FOOD HUNTER for all credit card transactions charged by OZ FOOD HUNTER at the following rates: Visa/Master card 1.5%; American Express 2.5%. (Amex optional)
  20. The Restaurant agrees, for Credit Card orders, to vision the Credit Card used for the order and get the card holder to sign a copy of the order. Signed order must be available on request. The Restaurant bears all charge back risk should have signed copies not be available.If cardholders is not present, recipient's name, signature and some form of photo ID number (i.e. driver's license number) must be recorded on the copy of the order.

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