Sapori D'italia

163 Oak Road, Kirrawee 2232
Sapori D'italia
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Meal Deals

Deal 2 2 x Any Large Traditional Pizza
$33.00 Add
Deal 1 1 x Large Traditional Pizza, 1 x Pasta, 1 x Garlic Bread
$34.00 Add
Large Traditional Pizza (Available Only Sunday to Thursday) 1 x Any Large Traditional Pizza.
$15.00 Add
Two Traditional Pizza (Available On Friday and Saturday) 2 x Any Large Traditional Pizza
$33.00 Add
Dinner for Two 1 x Large Traditional Pizza, 1 x Pasta, 1 x Salad, 1 x Soft Drinks (1.25 L Bottle)
$38.00 Add
Family Pack 2 x Large Traditional Pizza, 2 x Pasta, 1 x Salad, 1 x Garlic Bread, 2 x Soft Drinks (1.25 L Bottle)
$70.00 Add
Party Pack 4 x Any Large Traditional Pizza, 2 x Any Pasta, 2 x Any 1.25L Soft Drinks, 1 x Any Salad, 2 x Garlic Bread
$90.00 Add

Meal Deals (Pickup Only)

Two Traditional Pizza (Available On Friday and Saturday) 2 x Any Large Traditional Pizza
$30.00 Add


Calamari Fritti Calamari rings lightly battered & deep fried served with lemon.
$15.90 Add
Polpette homemade Italian meatballs
$18.50 Add
Aranchini Balls With Napoletana Sauce
$10.99 Add
Polenta Chips With gorgonzola Sauce
$9.00 Add

Secondi Piatti - Mains

Vitello Alla Prima Tender veal with avocado & king prawns in a creamy rosa sauce.
$22.50 Add
Vitello Parmigiana Tender veal topped with eggplant & mozzarella cheese in Napoletana sauce.
$21.50 Add
Vitello Containdina Olive oil,Red capsicum,red onion,capers,olives,white wine and Napoletana sauce.
$22.50 Add
Pollo Love Bite Josephine Chicken escalope with pinenuts, white wine, shallots & ricotta in a spinach cream sauce.
$22.00 Add
Pollo Boscaiola Chicken escalope with mushrooms, ham in creamy sauce.
$22.50 Add
Pollo Cascatore Chicken,olive oil,Mushroom,shallots,olives,red wine with Napoletana sauce.
$22.50 Add
Pollo Cotoletta (Chicken Schnitzel) Crumbed tender chicken breast served with lemon.
$23.00 Add
Pollo Cotoletta (Chicken Schnitzel) Parmigiana Tender pollo topped with eggplant & mozzarella cheese in Napoletana sauce.
$24.00 Add

Traditional Stone Baked Pizza

Garlic Pizza
$12.00 Add
La Margherita Mozzarella cheese & basil
Small $10.00 Add Large $15.00 Add
Sapori Special Pepperoni,ham,mushroom,green capsicum.
Small $11.50 Add Large $16.00 Add
Capricciosa Ham, mushrooms & olives.
Small $11.00 Add Large $15.50 Add
La Sarda Hot Calabrese salami, chilli & red capsicum & olives.
Small $11.50 Add Large $15.00 Add
Meat Feast Pepperoni, cabanossi, beef & ham.
Small $11.50 Add Large $16.50 Add
Supreme Cabanossi, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, onion, & olives.
Small $11.50 Add Large $16.50 Add
Pepperoni Traditional pepperoni pizza
Small $11.00 Add Large $14.90 Add
Mexicano Pepperoni, capsicum, onion & chilli.
Small $11.50 Add Large $16.00 Add
BBQ Chicken Chicken, onion, mushrooms & BBQ sauce.
Small $11.50 Add Large $16.00 Add
Hawaiian Ham & pineapple
Small $11.00 Add Large $15.00 Add
Vegetable Mushrooms, onion, capsicum, garlic & olives.
Small $11.00 Add Large $15.00 Add
Marinara Mixed seafood, fresh garlic, parsley & lemon wedge.
Small $11.50 Add Large $16.00 Add

Gourmet Pizza

Sausage Pizza Italian sausage, bocconcini, fresh basil & drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.
$20.00 Add
Pizza Alla Casalinga Baked prosciutto, marinated artichokes, mushrooms & basil
$20.00 Add
Rucola Rocket, prosciutto, Napoletana, shaved Parmesan & olive oil drizzle
$22.00 Add
Potata Fritta Sliced baked potato, red onion, Ricotta & bacon bits
$21.50 Add
Pollo Alla Prima chicken, avocado slices, red capsicum, pine nuts & shallots
$21.50 Add
Roasted Pumpkin Slow roasted pumpkin with gorgonzola, pine nuts, garlic, caramelised onion & sage
$21.50 Add
Calzone Enclosed pizza filled with salami, ricotta & fresh basil
$21.00 Add
Shrimp Promodorini Garlic prawns, Napoletana, chill, fresh ricotta & mint
$21.50 Add
Roasted Vegetable Chargrilled eggplant, zucchini, semidried tomato, garlic & fresh basil
$20.00 Add
American sausage, cheese and fries
$22.00 Add
Nutella Pizza
$18.00 Add

Kids Meal

Pollo Fritti and Fries Homemade tender chicken strips lightly-crumbed served with fries.
$14.90 Add
Children’s Pasta Spaghetti or Penne with Napoletana or Bolognese sauce.
Napoletana $9.50 Add Bolognese $9.50 Add
Ham & Cheese Pizza Ham and mozzarella cheese.
$15.00 Add


Gnocchi Provencale Semi-dried tomato, eggplant, olives, shaved Parmesan & Napoletana.
$15.50 Add
Penne Alla Norma Napoletana, garlic, eggplant topped with fresh ricotta & basil.
$15.50 Add
Penne Alla Siciliana Napoletana,garlic,eggplant topped with basil.
$15.50 Add
Penne Arrabbiata Napoletana sauce with heat from chilli & garlic.
$14.00 Add
Tortellini Boscaiola Fresh Tortellini with classic creamy sauce, mushrooms, ham & parsley.
$17.50 Add
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Garlic, parsley & ex virgin olive oil, toasted breadcrumbs & chilli.
$15.00 Add
Fettuccine Crème Pollo Chicken, mushrooms & avocado in creamy salsa rosa sauce.
$17.90 Add
Spaghetti Marinara Calamari, tiger prawns, octopus, mussels, garlic & chilli in Napoletana sauce.
$18.50 Add
Fettuccine Alla Salmone Smoked salmon, capers, Spanish onions in creamy sauce.
$17.90 Add
Fettuccine Frutti Di Mare Fruits of the Sea - calamari, tiger prawns, octopus, mussels, garlic, chilli & EVO
$18.50 Add
Spaghetti Bolognese
$15.50 Add
Homemade Lasagne Authentic Italian lasagne like Nonna would make.
$16.50 Add
Spaghetti & Meatballs Homemade spaghetti & meatballs like nonna used to make.
$16.50 Add
Pumpkin Ravioli Fresh pumpkin-filled ravioli with pesto cream & shaved Parmesan.
$17.00 Add
Spaghetti Enrico Olive oil,garlic,chilli and napoletana & parsley.
$15.00 Add
Four Cheese Gnocchi
$20.00 Add
Fettuccine Carbonara
$18.00 Add
Penne Alla Romana Eggplant,butter,pees,bacon with garlic and rosa sauce.
$18.00 Add
Fettuccine Sunset Sun-dried tomatoes,garlic & pinenuts in creamy rosa sauce.
$15.00 Add


Mushroom Risotto Silky, smooth arborio with fresh mushrooms & shaved Parmesan.
$21.90 Add
Prawn Risotto Tiger Prawns, white wine, garlic & Parmesan.
$27.90 Add
Pumpkin Risotto Creamy pumpkin risotto with shaved Parmesan.
$21.90 Add


$16.00 Add


Italian Salad Mesclun greens, tomato & cucumber tossed with vinaigrette.
Small $11.00 Add
Mediterranean Salad Mesclun greens, tomato, cucumber, fetta, red onion & olives.
Small $13.00 Add
Rocket Salad Spicy rocket tossed with vinaigrette & topped with shaved Parmesan.
$12.50 Add
Ceaser Salad homemade Caesar with egg, bacon, croutons & shaved Parmesan.
$17.00 Add

Bread and Olives

Aglio Bread made with garlic
$4.90 Add
Herb Bread made with garlic and origono
$4.90 Add
Bruschetta Tomato, basil, garlic, Spanish onion & extra virgin olive oil
$10.90 Add


Soft Drinks
$3.00 Add
$2.50 Add
Ginger Beer
$3.50 Add
Lemon, Lime and Bitters
$3.50 Add
Sparkling Water
$5.00 Add
$4.50 Add


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