Santa Lucia Pizza

10/99 Caridean St, Heathridge 6027
  • Del: 17:00 - 19:30
    Pick: 17:00 - 20:00
  • Min. Delivery: $20.00

    Min. Delivery Fee: $6.00



Traditional Pizza

American Pepperoni and cheese
ADD Large $16.00
Aussie Bacon and cheese
ADD Large $16.00
Capri Ham, olives and mushrooms
ADD Large $16.00
Hawaiian Ham and pineapple
ADD Large $16.00
Italian Bacon, olives, fresh tomatoes and anchovies
ADD Large $16.00
Napolitana Fresh tomato, anchovies, oregano, garlic and herbs
ADD Large $16.00
Margherita Fresh tomatoes, cheese and herbs
ADD Large $16.00
Plain Cheese
ADD Large $16.00
Vegetarian Capsicum, onion, mushrooms, fresh tomato and olives
ADD Large $16.00

Half Half Gourmet Pizza

Half 'n' Half -Large
ADD $18.00

Gourmet Pizza

Portofino Bacon, prawns and mushroom
ADD Large $17.00
BBQ Chicken Chicken, pineapple and BBQ sauce
ADD Large $17.00
Roast Chicken Chicken, capsicum, olives, sundried tomatoes, herbs and garlic
ADD Large $17.00
Satay Chicken Chicken, capsicum, onion and satay sauce
ADD Large $17.00
Tandoori Chicken Chicken, onion, capsicum, fresh tomato and tandoori yoghurt dressing
ADD Large $17.00
Cacciatore Italian sausage, mushroom, olives and fresh tomato
ADD Large $17.00
Marinara Smoked mussels, prawns, olives and fresh tomato
ADD Large $17.00
Santa Lucia Special Ham, pepperoni, bacon, capsicum, mushroom, anchovies, olives and fresh tomato
ADD Large $17.00
Meat Ham, bacon and pepperoni
ADD Large $17.00
BBQ Meat Ham, bacon and pepperoni with BBQ
ADD Large $17.00
Mexican Ham, pepperoni, capsicum, onions, fresh tomato, jalapeno peppers and Mexican seasoning
ADD Large $17.00
Charlie's Special Capsicum, mushrooms, pepperoni, fresh tomato and anchovies
ADD Large $17.00
Works Capsicum, mushrooms, ham, onion, pepperoni, bacon, fresh tomato, olives and pineapple
ADD Large $17.00
Peri Peri Chicken Onion, cheese, chicken, capsicum, fresh tomato and peri peri sauce.
ADD Large $17.00


Garlic Bread
ADD $3.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls (5 Pcs) With sweet chill sauce. (Only Fridays, Saturdays Sundays).
ADD Pack of 5 $4.50
Chicken Wings (5 Pcs) With your choice of sauce
ADD $4.50
White Pizza Herbs, garlic and cheese.
ADD Large $11.00


Soft Drink
ADD 1.25 Ltr $4.50
Kirks Pasito
ADD 1.25 L $4.50

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