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Tandoori Malai Tikka Chicken breast marinated with garlic, ginger, salt, Yogurt, fresh cream, cheese and salt.
ADD 3pcs $11.90
Tandoori lamb Cutlet Succulent baby lamb Cutlet marinated with yogurt, ginger, garlic with selected spices and broiled in tandoor.
ADD 3pcs $15.90
Tandoori Tiger prawn Semi-shelled jumbo prawns marinated in tandoori sauce and cooked in a clay oven served with mint sauce.
ADD 4pcs $16.90
Onion Bhaji Sliced onion dipped in subtly spiced chickpea flour batter and deep fried.
ADD 3pcs $7.50
Vegetable Samosa potato, green peas, ginger garlic, turmeric, coriander, chili, cumin seed and salt
ADD 2pcs $7.90
Cauliflower Potato Balls (Chauli tikki) Cauliflower, massed potato, green peas, white pepper, salt and chick pea flour served with tamarind sauce.
ADD $7.90
Tandoori platters Order any six pieces of meals from above Entrees.
ADD $23.90

Main Course (Classic Curries)

Dhansak (GF) An all-time favorite at Indian kitchen. Your choice of the above meat cooked with lentil simmered along with coconut and spices. (A popular Parsi Dish)
ADD $16.90
Korma (GF) A mild preparation of ground roasted cashew nuts, with hint of spices and fresh cream
ADD $16.90
Sagwala (GF) Punjabi’s favourite dish made with puree of spinach, spices and cream.
ADD $16.90
Madras Beef (GF) A special dish from madras cooked with roasted mustard seeds, coconut milk and fresh coriander
ADD $16.90
Vindaloo GF) A specialty dish from Goa, boneless meat matured in a red wine and finished in a very hot sauce
ADD $16.90
Lamb Rogan Josh (GF) A popular preparation of lamb curry from North India with rich gravy, fresh tomatoes and finished with coriander.
ADD $16.90
Kadai Gosht (GF) This is Mughlai dish, where lamb is cooked to perfection in aromatic and flavor some spicy gravy.
ADD $16.90
Bhuna Lamb (Bhuna Gosh) Diced lamb cooked with garlic, ginger, coriander, traditional spices and flavored with Kasur meethi
ADD $17.90
Bhuna Beef Masala Diced beef cooked with chopped masala and mixed four spices.
ADD $16.90
Bombay Beef Light spiced deiced beef cooked with mustard seeds and sour flavor.
ADD $16.90

Sea food

Goan Fish Curry A famous goa’s fish curry. Basa fillet pieces simmered in a tangy curry sauce of coconut, red chilies, shallots and curry leaves
ADD $17.90
Mole Fish Fish fillet cooked with touch of tamarin sauce, snow peas and touch of coconut
ADD $17.90
Resunga Prawns Prawns sautéed with a touch of flour then cooked in an original blend of ginger garlic, whole cumin seeds, turmeric, chilies, onions, capsicum, snow peas with tangy sauce.
ADD $17.90
Prawns Malabar Prawns with mushroom cooked in onion tomato sauce, touch of coconut and with mix spices
ADD $17.90
Tandoori Salmon Tandoori salmon marinated with coriander root, mint, green chili, mango pickle, ginger, garlic, cumin, sour cream, salt for taste and Garam masala, served with chick peas and baby spinach
ADD $18.90


Palak Paneer Homemade cottage cheese cooked with fresh baby spinach puree and ginger.
ADD $15.90
Paneer Butter Masala Homemade cottage cheese cooked with chopped masala, red capsicum and touch of cream
ADD $15.90
Malai Kofta Vegetables Dumplings made from cottage cheese and potato with korma sauce
ADD $15.90
Dhal Makhani Lentils stewed on a slow fire garnished with ginger and coriander
ADD $14.90
Rangila Vegetables (Mix Vegetables) Mixed vegetables cooked semi-dry.
ADD $14.90
Baingan Patiala (Mild-Med) (GF) A delicacy Patiala (city in Punjab)- Potatoes and eggplants cooked with selected herbs and spices in onion sauce
ADD $14.90

Naan (Tandoori Breads)

Plain Naan Plain flour leavened bread cooked in tandoori oven.
ADD Each $3.00
Garlic Naan Naan bread with coriander and garlic.
ADD Each $3.50
Keema Naan Naan Filled with delicately spiced mixture of mince and herbs.
ADD Each $4.00
Cheese Naan Naan Stuffed with the choicest cheese.
ADD Each $4.00
Cheese and garlic Naan Naan stuffed with the choicest cheese and garlic
ADD Each $4.50
Vegetable Naan Naan Stuffed with subtly flavored spiced potatoes and peas
ADD Each $4.00
Peshawari Naan (Fruit Naan) Naan stuffed with sultana, cashew and an assortment of dried fruits and nuts.
ADD Each $4.50

Chicken Curries

Murgha Mukkhani (Butter Chicken) Tender pieces or boneless chicken cooked in tandoori style and smothered in a creamy tomato flavored sauce.
ADD $16.90
Mango chicken Boneless tender pieces of chicken prepared in a very mild gravy with a touch of mango.
ADD $16.90
Chicken Jalfrezi chicken Thai fillet cooked with capsicum, cherry tomato, onion, sautéed with chopped masala
ADD $16.90
Chicken Tikka Masala Tandoori chicken fillets cooked with sliced tomatoes, capsicum, onions, fresh coriander, and masala sauce.
ADD $16.90
Balti Chicken Chicken breast cooked with onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric and garam masala.
ADD $16.90

Side Dishes

Basmati Indian rice
ADD $3.00
Sweet Mango Chutney
ADD $2.50
Cucumber and Yogurt Raita
ADD $2.50
Tomato and Onion Katchumber
ADD $2.50
ADD Mango $2.50
ADD Lime $2.50
ADD Chilli $2.50
Papadums Plain (4 per serve)
ADD $2.50

Goat Curries

Goat Masala Diced Goat meat cooked with garlic, chopped ginger, salt, paprika, turmeric, red chili, and coriander.
ADD $17.90
Hariyali Goat Tender goat meat sautéed in homemade sauce and cooked with mint cilantro
ADD $17.90


Vegetable Biryani Rice cooked with Vegetables and variety of spices.
ADD $11.90
Chicken Biryani Chicken cooked in rice with aromatic spices
ADD $13.90
Lamb Biryani Lamb cooked with rice in aromatic spices
ADD $13.90
Kashmiri Pulao Biryani Aromatic rice cooked with dry fruit and nuts.
ADD $12.90


Pistachio kulfi Homemade kulfi with Pistachio Ice-Cream.
ADD $4.50
Mango kulfi Indian style homemade mango Ice-cream.
ADD each $4.50
Gulab Jamun Cottage cheese dumplings served with sugar syrup.
ADD Each $3.00

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