Nerang Sushi and Continental Dine in Take away

1/31 Station Street, Nerang 4211
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Asian, Japanese, Italian



Garlic Bread
ADD $7.50
Salt and Pepper Calamar Served with tartare sauce
ADD $7.95
Duck Spring Rolls Served with sweet chilli sauce
ADD $8.90
Chicken Spring Rolls
ADD $7.90
Tempura Prawns Served with tartare sauce
ADD $9.90
Bowl of Chips
ADD No Salt $6.00
ADD Regular Salt $6.00
ADD Chicken Salt $6.00

Sushi Roll

Spicy Tuna With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Salmon With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.15
Teriyaki Chicken With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Pork Belly With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Teriyaki Beef With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Egg Salad With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Tempura Prawn With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.50
Tempura Vegi With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Cooked Tuna With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Avocado Roll With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $3.00
Mixed Sushi Platter With lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce
ADD $18.50
Chicken Karrage With rice and salad
ADD $13.50
Dumpling Soup 3 dumpling pieces in vegetable soup
ADD $7.50
Bowl of Steamed Rice
ADD $6.95
Fried Rice Your choice of meat
ADD Chicken $11.95
ADD Egg $11.95
ADD Pork $11.95
Chicken Dumpling With homemade coriander and tomato sauce
ADD $9.95


Margherita Tomato, basil, bocconcini
ADD 9 inches $16.50
Hawaiian Ham, pineapple
ADD 9 inches $16.50
Chicken Pesto Smoked chicken, bacon, mushrooms, onion, pesto sauce on base
ADD 9 inches $16.50
Prawn Pizza Napoli, crushed garlic, shallot, prawn
ADD 9 inches $18.95
Supreme Pepperoni, ham, mushroom, capsicum, onion
ADD $16.50
Pepperoni Sliced salami
ADD 9 inches $16.50
Meat Lover Chicken, Bacon, chorizo, onion, capsicum
ADD $17.00
Vegetables Onion, shallot, mushroom, capsicum, mozzarella cheese
ADD 9 inches $15.49

Veal / Parmi

Veal Funghi Veal tossed with mushrooms in Napoli sauce
ADD $19.90
Veal Parmigana Deep fried veal with eggplant and cheese
ADD $19.90
Chicken Parmigana Served with salad, chips and sweet chilli sauce
ADD $15.50
Chicken Pana Funghi Grilled chicken breast topped with creamy mushroom sauce
ADD $21.95


Salmon Served with vegetables
ADD $19.90
Beer Battered Fish and Chips
ADD $15.50


Rump Served with chips and salad. Jus of your choice red wine, mushroom or pepper sauce
ADD $21.50


Chicken Burger Bacon, egg, gherkins
ADD $12.95
Beef Burger Beef patty, onion, bacon, egg, beetroot
ADD $12.95
Chicken Wrap Egg, bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato
ADD $11.95

Pasta / Risotto

Spaghetti Carbonara
ADD $15.50
Spaghetti Bolognese
ADD $15.50
Rigatoni Carbonara
ADD $15.50
Ravioli Bolognese
ADD $15.50
Ravioli Chicken
ADD $16.50
Gnocchi Mozzarella
ADD $17.00
Gnocchi Pesto
ADD $17.00
Prawn and Crab Mafiosi Sauteed with prawn and crab in Napoli sauce with chilli oil
ADD $17.00
Garlic Cream Prawn Served with rice
ADD $19.00
Vegeterian Risotto Seasoned vegetables tossed with creamed
ADD $15.00
Fortune Fettuccine Salmon, avo with cream sauce
ADD $19.90
Amatriciana Chilli, oil, bacon, onion tossed with tomato basil sauce
ADD Spaghetti $19.90
ADD Ravioli $19.90
ADD Rigatoni $19.90


Chicken Neptune Chicken breast topped with garlic cream prawn, served with garden salad
ADD $19.90
ADD With Grilled Chicken $21.90
ADD With Calamari $21.90
Mediterranean Salad Rocket, capsicum, olive, onion, couscous, cherry tomato, pumpkin drizzled of olive oil
ADD $15.90
ADD With Grilled Chicken $17.90
ADD With Calamari $17.90
Caesar Salad Cos lettuce, parmi cheese, grilled bacon, egg, caesar sauce
ADD $15.50
ADD With Grilled Chicken $17.50
ADD With Calamari $17.50
Greek Salad Cos lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, feta cheese
ADD $14.50
ADD With Grilled Chicken $16.50
ADD With Calamari $16.50


Tiramisu Homemade tiramisu served ice cream
ADD $8.50
Sticky Date Pudding Warm date pudding served with butterscotch sauce
ADD $9.95


ADD $3.50
Orange Juice
ADD $3.50
Orange Mango
ADD $3.50
Lemon Ice Tea - 500ml
ADD $3.50
Ice Tea
ADD Mango   $3.50
ADD Peach $3.50
ADD 500ml $3.00
ADD 750ml $3.50
Soft Drink(300 ml)
ADD Pepsi $3.50
ADD Pepsi Max $3.50
ADD Solo Lemon $3.50
ADD Blood Orange $3.50

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