Mumbai Curry House

440 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South 3152
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Meal Deals

Meal Deal 1 1 x Samosa (2pcs), 1 x Seek Kebab (2pcs), 1 x Beef Korma or Butter, Chicken or Mixed Vegetables, 1 x Naan, 1 x Rice
ADD $29.00


Samosa Lightly spiced potatoes and peas stuffed in small pastry parcels of delight
ADD 2 Pcs $7.00
Veg Pakora Spinach, cauliflower, onions, po- tato fritters, delicately spiced and deep fried until golden brown
ADD 4 Pcs $8.00
SeekhKebab Finely minced beef, flavoured in spices then skewered and chargrilled in tandoor
ADD 2 Pcs $10.00
Tandoori Mushrooms Mushrooms marinated in yoghurt, authentic Indian spices and chargrilled in tandoor
ADD $10.00
Chicken Tikka Mushrooms marinated in yoghurt, authentic Indian spices and chargrilled in tandoor
ADD 4 Pcs $12.00
Tandoori Chicken Chicken marinated in yoghurt and selected spices overnight then char-grilled in tandoor
ADD Half $10.00
ADD Full $19.00

Meal Deals

Meal Deal 2 1 x Samosa (2pcs), 1 x Tandoori Chicken (2pcs), 1 x Seek Kebab (2pcs), 1 x Butter Chicken, 1 x Rogan Josh, 1 x Mixed Vegetables, 2 x Naan, 2 x Saffron Rice, 1 x Pappadums, 1 x Raita
ADD $62.00
Dinner Pack Half Rice & Half Curry, 1 x Naan
ADD $14.00

Street Chaat

Pani Puri Crispy cracker balls stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas, tamarind/mint/yoghurt chutneys and served with spiced water
ADD $9.00
Bhel Puri Puffed Rice Indian Salad - Sweet & Sour mix of puffed rice & sev, garnished with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, chickpeas, mint & tan- gy bhel chutneys
ADD $9.00
Papri Chaat Zingy Indian Nachos - Flour cra- ckers topped with potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, then served with sweet and spicy mint & tamarind chutneys
ADD $10.00
Aloo Tikki Chaat Skillet potato & green pea cakes served with freshly chopped onions,tomatoes & coriander - served with yoghurt, zesty tama- rind & mint chutneys on a bed of spiced chickpeas
ADD $11.00
Samosa Chaat North Indian fried parcels filled with potatoes & peas, drizzled with sweet yoghurt, zesty tamarind & mint chutneys on a bed of spiced chickpeas
ADD $12.00
Pav Bhaji Mumbai staple - Spiced mixture of mashed vegies served with two toasted buttery buns
ADD $12.00
Chaat Platter Chaat favourites on a platter - perfect for 2 people. Pani Puri, Papri Chaat, Samosa & Aloo Tikki. All served with chutneys
ADD $22.00


Dal Mixed lentils tempered and sea- soned in mild spices
ADD $13.00
Mixed Vegetables A melange of selected vege- tables tossed in cumin seeds, to- matoes and spices
ADD $13.00
Malai Kofta Fresh home made cottage chee- se dumplings mixed together with potato balls with nuts and cooked in a rich creamy sauce
ADD $13.00
Palak Paneer Home made cottage cheese cooked delicately with creamed spinach in selected spices
ADD $13.00
Eggpalnt Masala Eggplant cooked with golden potatoes, herbs and spices
ADD $13.00
Kadai Paneer Home made Indian cottage cheese cooked with capsicum, onions and masala spices
ADD $13.00


Saffron Rice Indian basmati rice with a hint of saffron
ADD $3.50
Veg Pulav Mixed vegetables and basmati rice cooked together with herbs and spices
ADD $6.00
Kashmiri Pulav Rice cooked with mixed dry fruits and nuts
ADD $6.00
Biryani Rice cooked with boneless chicken, Lamb or Beef, flavoured with saffron and freshly ground spices
ADD $12.00

Classic Dishes

Rogan Josh Moghul style curry with rich gravy, fresh ground spices, tomatoes and coriander
ADD $16.00
Korma Creamy curry cooked in cashew nut sauce with a blend of mild herbs
ADD $16.00
Madras Cooked with curry leaves, spices, coconut milk and mustard seeds in true Madras style
ADD $16.00
Vindaloo Creamy curry cooked in cashew nut sauce with a blend of mild herbs
ADD $16.00
Saag Curry cooked with spinach, co- riander, tomatoes, ginger and tempered with cumin seeds
ADD $16.00
Chickpea Masala Curry cooked with chickpeas, ginger, green chillies and garam masala
ADD $16.00


Naan Fine plain flour bread
ADD $3.00
Roti Wholemeal bread
ADD $3.00
Garlic Naan Fine plain flour bread finished with garlic and butter
ADD $3.50
Aloo Paratha Wholemeal soft bread filled with delicately spiced mashed pota- toes
ADD $4.00
Paneer Naan Plain flour soft bread filled with home-made cottage cheese and delicate spices
ADD $4.00
Kashmiri Kulcha Plain flour bread filled with dry fruit
ADD $4.00
Masala Kulcha Plain flour bread stuffed with cottage cheese, potatoes and delicate spices
ADD $4.00


Pappadums Crispy lentil wafers
ADD $1.00
Mango Chutney A tangy accompaniment made from mangoes
ADD $2.00
Raita Yoghurt and cucumber mixed with coriander and delicate spices
ADD $2.50
Mixed Pickles Thinly sliced pickled vegetables
ADD $2.50
Mango Lassi Sweet and rich drink made from mangoes, yoghurt, milk, sugar and dash of cardamom
ADD $4.00
Gulab Jamu Cottage cheese dumplings deep fried, soaked in warm syrup
ADD 2 Pcs $5.00

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