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Spring Roll Asian style spring roll with mixed vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce
ADD $8.99
Chicken Satay (4 Pcs) Chicken strips marinated in satay sauce, grill and served with peanut sauce
ADD $8.99
Vegetable Samosa Traditional Indian puff pastry stuffed with potato, peas & infused with spices and herbs
ADD $8.99
Cheese Pakora Cottage cheese battered in spiced chickpeas flour and deep fried
ADD $8.99
Curry Puff Deep fried pastry with mixed vegetables, patato, curry powder & seasoning
ADD $8.99
Chicken Tikka (8 Pcs) Boneless chicken breast marinated in spiced yoghurt and cooked in tandoor for perfection
ADD $16.50
Sheekh Kebab (Tandoor) Marinated mince exotic spices and skewered and cooked in tandoor for perfection
ADD $16.50
Fish Cake (4 Pcs) Wonderful traditional deep fried served with tartar sauce
ADD $8.99
Veg. Manchurian (Dry) (Indian Chinese Dish) Fusion of chinese and Indian ingredients with served with chef magical sauce
ADD $15.50
Calamari Rings Deep fried served with tartar sauce
ADD $9.95

Asian Treasures Special Curries

Massaman Curry Traditional curry with coconut milk, potatoes, onion and roasted peanuts
ADD $17.99
Red Curry Spicy red curry with coconut milk capsicum, green beans, bamboo shoots and garnished with basil
ADD $15.50
Green Curry Classical Thai green curry with coconut milk, green vegetables, bamboo shoots and garnished with basil
ADD $15.50
Panang Curry (Traditional thai curry) medium creamy red curry with coconut milk, carrots, crusted peanut, green beans garnished with kaffir lime leaves
ADD $15.50
Butter Chicken Chicken tikka cooked in mild and sweet almond, cream
ADD $17.99
Mango Chicken Chicken cooked with mango pulp & onion & tamato gravy
ADD $17.99
Korma Cooked with sweet almond and cashew nuts gravy with touch of species and garnish with dry fruits
ADD $17.99
Vindaloo Diced cooked in vindaloo sauces and garnish with freshly chopped ypchilies and coriander
ADD $17.99
Tikka Masala Tikka cooked with diced onions, capsicum, onion and tomato gravy and spices and garnish freshly chopped coriander
ADD $17.99
Saagwala Cooked with fresh spinach, herb and spices
ADD $17.99
Madras Cooked with coconut cream sauce and spices
ADD $17.99

Chef Special ''Stir Fry''

Sweet and Sour Stir fried with capicium, onion, and shallots and vegetables
ADD $17.99
Honey and Soy Stir fried with capicium, onion, and shallots and vegetables
ADD $17.99
Cashew Nut Stir fried with capicium, onion, and shallots and vegetables
ADD $17.99
Chilli Chicken Stir fried with capicium, onion, and shallots and vegetables
ADD $17.99


Dal Makahani Black lentils cooked with butter, cream and spices
ADD $13.99
Vegtable Jal Freeze Mix vegetables cook with basic sauces and spices
ADD $13.99
Chana Masala Chick peas cooked with onion and tomato gravy
ADD $13.99
Vegetable Korma Mix vegetables cooked with sweet almond and cashew nut gravy
ADD $13.99
Paneer Tikka Masala Home made cottage cheese tikka cooked with diced onions, capsicum, onion, tomato gravy, spices and garnished with freshly chopped coriander
ADD $15.95
Palak Paneer Cottage cheese tikka cooked with spinach
ADD $15.95
Shahi Paneer Home made cottage cheese cooked with rich almond cashew nuts, onion and tomato gravy
ADD $15.95
Butter Paneer (Mild) Cooked in mild and sweet almond, cream
ADD $15.99

All Bread Made In Tandoor

Plain Naan Bread made by plain flour
ADD $3.99
Garlic Naan Bread made with plain flour and garnished with chopped coriander and garlic
ADD $4.25
Cheese Naan Bread stuffed with masaslla cheese and oven bake
ADD $5.50
Cheese and Garlic Naan Cheese and Garlic Naan Bread stuffed with masarlla cheese and garnished with garlic
ADD $6.00
Cheese and Spinach Naan Bread stuffed with cheese, spinach and spices
ADD $6.00
Kashmiri Naan Bread stuffed with almonds, cashew nuts and dry fruits
ADD $6.00
Bread Basket A selection of garlic, cheese, kashmiri naan
ADD $15.50
Roti Flat Indian wholemeal bread
ADD $4.00


Plain Rice Simple basmati rice or jasmine rice
ADD $3.50
Saffran Rice Rice enriched with nuts and sultanas
ADD $6.00
Coconut Rice Rice with coconut cream and sultanas
ADD $7.50
Biyrani All Biyrani cooked with aromatic herbs, spices and yoghurt
ADD $16.95
Rice Pilou Rice cooked with mixed vegetables aromatic herbs, spices and yoghurt
ADD $8.50


Pad Thai The most popular fried noodles with tofu & egg in tomato sauce sprinkled with bean sprouts and crushed peanuts
ADD $12.99
Asian Style Fried Rice Fried rice with egg, tomatoes, onion and served
ADD $12.50
Chinese Style Noodles Cooked with veg, honey, soy sauce and vinger
ADD $13.50

Side Compliments

Raita Freshly grated cucumber mixed in homemade yoghurt with a touch of spices
ADD $3.50
Mint Sauce Mint grind with yoghurt, coriander and infused with traditional spices
ADD $3.00
Mango Chutney
ADD $3.00
Mixed Pickle
ADD $3.00
Poppadums (4 Pcs)
ADD $3.00


Royal Gulab Jamuns Condense milk dumpling stuffed with dry fruit and nuts deep­fried and soak in boiled sugar syrup (cardamom, saffron, and cloves)
ADD $6.50


Soft Drinks - Can
ADD $3.50

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