Arcadia Espresso Bar

26 Pacific Highway, St Leonards 2065
Arcadia Espresso Bar
Del: 17:00 - 21:30
Pick: 17:00 - 21:30
Min. Delivery: $25.00
Min. Delivery Fee: $3.00

Meal Deals

Meal A 5 x Wings, 1 x Burger, 1 x Soft Drink (Can).
$21.95 Add
Meal B 2 x Burgers, 1 x 1.25L Coke.
$25.95 Add
Meal C 5 x Wings, 1 x Box of Chips, 1 x Soft Drinks (Can).
$15.90 Add
Meal D 8 x Wings, 8 x Fried Popcorn Thigh Fillets, 1 x 1.25L Coke.
$32.95 Add

Mixed Chicken Box

Mixed Chicken Box (1 person) 3 x Wings, 1 x Drumstick, 6 x Thigh Fillets, 1 x Soft Drink (Can).
$15.90 Add
Mixed Chicken Box (2 Person) 10 x Wings, 4 x Drumsticks, 10 x Thigh Fillets, 1 x Soft Drink (1.25l).
$39.95 Add
Mixed Chicken Box (4-5 Person) 18 x Wings, 6 x Drumstick, 10 x Thigh Fillets, 1 x Soft Drink (1.25L), 1 x Garlic Bread.
$56.95 Add


Beef Burger Lettuce, tomato, beetroot, grilled onion in sesame bun, served with chips.
$14.50 Add
Peri-Peri Chicken Burger (Medium Hot) Lettuce, tomato, crispy grilled crumbed chicken breast with housemade peri­peri sauce in sesame bun, served with chips.
$13.90 Add
Chicken Schnitzel Burger Lettuce, tomato, chicken schnitzel, mayonnaise in sesame bun, served with chips.
$12.90 Add
Meaty Handover Burger Lettuce, tomato, pickle relish, 150g beef patties, slow cooked pulled beef brisket, bacon, cheese, homemade spicy mayo sauce with chips.
$18.00 Add
Zeus Favor Lettuce, tomato, 150g beef patties, 150g southern fried chicken thigh fillet, bacon, cheese, homemade epic BBQ sauce with chips
$20.00 Add
Signature Southern Fried Chicken Burger Lettuce, tomato, 150g southern fried chicken thigh fillet, melty cheese served on sesame bun with chips.
$13.90 Add

Deep Fried

Individual Piece Chicken Wings Minimum of 5 pieces, not the whole wings. (Only choose one flavor)
Each $2.50 Add
Drumstick Only choose one flavor.
Each $4.50 Add
Chicken Wings in One Pack (16 Pcs) Mix and match 2 flavours.
$30.00 Add
Chicken Thigh Fillet Popcorns in One Pack Mix and match 2 flavours.
$32.00 Add
Flat Head and Fish
$16.90 Add

Risotto and Pastas

Boscaiola With creamy white sauce and your choice of pasta.
$13.90 Add
Seafood Risotto Prawn, calamari, green shell mussels and fish cooked with arborio rice in creamy pink sauce.
$15.90 Add
Carbonara Sautéed caramelized onion and bacon, chicken cooked with chicken stock and creamy egg yolk sauce.
$13.90 Add
Chorizo and Mushroom Risotto Sautéed chorizo and mushroom cooked in house­made veggie stock with Arborio rice, finished with parmesan cheese and parsley.
$14.90 Add
Special Vegetarian Risotto Onion, capsicum, common mushroom, roasted pumpkin and feta cheese in house­made veggie stock with Arborio rice, finished with parmesan, rocket and olive oi.
$14.50 Add
Chicken Pesto Penne Sliced roast chicken with onion, basil pesto, and sun dried tomato. finished with parmesan cheese.
$14.90 Add


Garden Salad Mixed salad, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and Spanish onion.
$8.90 Add
Chicken Avocado Salad Mixed greens, tomato, capsicum, roasted pumpkin tossed with balsamic dressing and then topped with roasted chicken and avocado.
$13.00 Add


Garlic Bread
$4.00 Add
$5.00 Add
Cheese Garlic Bread
$6.50 Add


$2.50 Add
$4.00 Add
Caramel Kisses
$5.50 Add
Cherry-ripe Slice
$5.50 Add
Rocky Road Slice
$5.50 Add
Funky Fudge Brownie
$5.50 Add
Hazelnut Crunch
$5.50 Add
Pistachio Cranberry Crunch
$5.50 Add
Peppermint Slice
$5.50 Add


Soft Drink (Can)
$2.50 Add
Soft Drinks (1.25L)
$4.95 Add
Angostura (330ml)
$3.80 Add
$3.80 Add
Ice Tea
$4.20 Add
V - Drink
$3.80 Add
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