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Meal Deals

Meal for Two 2 x Curry, 2 x Rice, 2 x Plain Naan, 1 x Serve of Chicken Pakoras, 1 x Raita (Cucumber oghurt)
$34.90 Add
Family Meal Save (13.60) 3 x Curry, 3 x Rice, 3 x Plain Naan, 2 x Raita (Cucumber oghurt), 1 x Soft Drinks ­ 1.25Ltrs
$49.90 Add
Combo Meal Save (22.60) 5 x Curry, 5 x Rice, 5 x Plain Naan, 4 x Raita (Cucumber oghurt)
$84.90 Add

Fried Entrees

Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) spiced mash potato seasoned with fresh herbs, filled into heme made pastry cones & gently deep fried
$5.50 Add
Onion Bhai (8 pcs) thinly sliced fresh onions dipped into chickpea batter with fresh and dry ndian spices and gently fried golden brown
$5.50 Add
Garlic Potato Bhonda (4 pcs) mashed potato balls spiced with fresh & dry spices rolled into chickpea batter and deep fried
$6.50 Add
Chicken 65 chicken 65 is a spicy deep fried chicken dish, served with mint sauce
$7.90 Add
Prawn and Ginger Pakora (6) fresh green tiger prawns marinated in garlic, dipped in chickpea batter & gently fried to golden brown
$7.90 Add
Vegetarian Platter panir pakora, onion bhai, garlic potato bonda, vege samosa
$12.00 Add
Chicken Honeymoon deep dried chicken bolls marinated with cornflour and yoghurt cooked with sweet chilli sauce
$7.90 Add

Tandoori Entrees

Tandoori Wings (6 pcs)
$6.00 Add
Tandoori Drumsticks (4 pcs)
$7.50 Add
Tandoori Chicken
Half $8.90 Add Full $15.90 Add
Panir Tikka (4 pcs) cubes of homemade cottage cheese marinated with yoghurt, capsicum & tomato cooked in tandoor
$7.90 Add
Till Tikka (4 pcs) boneless pieces of chicken marinated in sesame seed, spices, cream, yoghurt, ginger, garlic, chickpea powder and cooked in tandoor
$9.90 Add
Chicken Tikka (4 pcs) tender morsels of boneless chicken in special tandoori marinate cooked in a tandoor
$8.90 Add
Seekh Kebab (4 pcs) minced lamb mixed with kashimiri style aromatic herbs & spices wrapped round on skewer & cooked over tandoor flame
$7.90 Add
Tandoori Platter (8 pcs) panir tikka, chicken drumstick, till tikka, seekh kebab
$14.50 Add


Chicken Lamb or Beef
$15.90 Add
Chefs Special Biryani cooked with tender pieces of chicken tikka & fresh mushrooms
$16.90 Add

Adchillis Favourites

Butter Chicken chicken cooked in a flavourite tomato, nut gravy and finished with a touch of cream
$13.90 Add
Chicken Tikka Masala tender morsels of marinated boneless chicken cooked in a tandoor finished in rich tomato cashew gravy
$14.90 Add
Malai Kofta cooked in ground almonds and cashew based sauce, this is rich and exotic curry topped with raisins
$14.50 Add
Goat Curry selected pieces of boned goat meat cooked in fried onions, freshly ground spices and season with fresh coriander
$16.50 Add

Exotic Curries

Korma - Ceylonese Style prepared in a rich sauce of ground almond, cashews and fresh cream with a range of tantalizing spices
$13.50 Add
Korma - Nilgiri Style cooked in South ndian green masala with spinach, coriander, mint, ground almond & cashews
$13.50 Add
Rogan Josh tomato based sauce with freshly ground spices seasoned with green coriander
$13.50 Add
Kashmiri authentic ndian curry, ashmiri style cooked with yoghurt simmered with dry fruits fresh ground herbs and spices
$13.50 Add
Madras cooked with finely chopped onion, tomato, curry leaves, coconut & fresh coriander
$13.50 Add
Vindaloo a very highly spicy & hot dish cooked in sharp tangy sauce
$13.50 Add
Jalfrezi cooked with fried onions, capsicum, tomatoes in a light cashew and creamy based sauce
$13.50 Add
Saagwala cooked in spinach with onions and garlic and range of spices
$13.50 Add
Doh Pyaza classical ndian recipe, with onions & balanced spice base, wet dish
$13.50 Add
Dhansak cooked with lentils, range of parsee spices, fresh line uice, fenugreek & coriander
$13.50 Add

Adchills Seafood Special

Fish Masala
$18.50 Add
Prawn Masala
$19.00 Add

Vegetarian Curries

Palak De Karammat homemade cottage cheese cooked in spinach based sauce with ground spices
$14.00 Add
Eggplant Curry brinal (eggplant) delicately cooked with peas, potatoes, fresh herbs & spices in traditional North ndian style
$13.50 Add
Methi Malai ndian cottage cheese drapped in creamy sauce flavoured with sundried methi leaves finished in yoghurt based gravy
$13.50 Add
Mutter Paneer (Pea & Cottage Cheese Curry) homemade cottage cheese cooked with peas
$13.50 Add
Kadhai Walla Paneer cottage cheese tossed with capsicum, tomatoes, black peppercorn & coriander
$14.50 Add
Seasonal Mixed Veg Curry combination of vegetables cooked in a very traditional way, very popular
$13.50 Add
Saag Aloo homemade cottage cheese cooked in spinach based sauce with ground spices
$13.50 Add
Daal Makhni black lentils cooked in an abundance of tomato, flavoured with garlic & finished with a touch of cream
$13.50 Add
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala chunks of homemade cottage cheese cooked in tandoor & finished with rich tomato gravy, butter and cream
$14.50 Add
Aloo Chole chickpea cooked with potato
$13.50 Add
Yellow Lentil (Daal) lentils with fried garlic & fresh coriander
$13.00 Add
Mutter Mushroom (Pea & Mushroom Curry) fresh mushroom cooked with peas with range of spices
$13.50 Add

Kids Menu

Chicken Nuggets & Chips
$5.00 Add

Tandoori Breads

$3.50 Add
Garlic & Cheese Naan
$5.50 Add
Parantha flaky whole meal bread basked in tandooor with laysers of ghee
$4.50 Add
$3.00 Add
Potato stuffed with spicy mashed potato
$4.00 Add
Spinach & Cottage Cheese
$5.00 Add
Spinach Naan
$4.50 Add
Paneer stuffed with grated cottage cheese
$4.50 Add
$5.00 Add
Kashmiri/ Peshwari Naan stuffed with dry fruit and nuts
$5.00 Add
Chilli Cheese Capsicum
$5.00 Add
Butter Naan
$5.00 Add


Raita (Cucumber Yoghurt)
$2.50 Add
Indian Salad freshly made with cucumber, onion, tomatoes, coriander and sueeze of fresh lemon
$5.00 Add
Onion Salad
$3.50 Add
Mango Pickles
$2.00 Add
Chilli Pickles
$2.00 Add
Lime Pickles
$2.00 Add
Chutney (Mango Mint Tamarind & Date)
$2.00 Add
$1.50 Add
Small $2.50 Add Large $4.00 Add

Dinner & Desserts

Kulfi homemade ndian ice cream made with milk flavoured with cardamom, pistachio nuts, almonds, rosewater and saffron
$4.50 Add
Mango Lassi
$4.50 Add
Gulab Jamun evaporated with dumplings deep fried, soaked in rose water and flavoured sugar syrup
$6.50 Add


Soft Drinks -Can
Coke $2.00 Add Lemonade $2.00 Add Diet Coke $2.00 Add
Soft Drinks -600ml
Coke $3.50 Add Coke Zero $3.50 Add Diet Coke $3.50 Add Sprite $3.50 Add Fanta $3.50 Add
Soft Drinks-1.25L
Coke $5.00 Add Diet Coke $5.00 Add Lemonade $5.00 Add Sprite $5.00 Add Fanta $5.00 Add
Soft Drinks -1.25 l bottle
Coke $5.00 Add Diet Coke $5.00 Add Lemonade $5.00 Add


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