Salt Meats Cheese the Pizza Box

218 Union Road, Ascot Vale 3032
Chinese, Asian, Italian
Del: 17:00 - 22:00
Pick: 13:30 - 17:00,
17:00 - 22:00
Min. Delivery: $25.00
Min. Delivery Fee: $5.00

Popular Dishes

Homemade Dumpling
9 Pcs $7.00 Add 18 Pcs $14.00 Add
Singapore Noodles
$11.50 Add
Honey Chicken (In Batter)
$14.50 Add
Lemon Chicken (In Batter)
$14.50 Add
Chicken Fried Rice
$10.00 Add


Dim Sim (1 Pc)
Steamed $1.00 Add Fried $1.00 Add
Prawn Crackers
$2.00 Add
Vegetarian Spring Rolls (3 Pcs)
$3.00 Add
Curry Puffs (2 Pcs)
$4.00 Add
Satay Chicken Skewers (2 Pcs)
$5.00 Add
Fried Won Ton (8 Pcs.)
$5.00 Add
Sesame Prawn Toast (2 Pcs)
$5.00 Add
Chinese Sausages (2 Pcs)
$5.00 Add
Mixed Entree One vegetarian spring roll, curry puff and sesame prawn toast.
$6.00 Add
Homemade Dumpling
9 Pcs $7.00 Add 18 Pcs $14.00 Add

Classic Pizzas

Napoli (Vegan) Tomato, garlic, oregano, basil.
$16.00 Add Gluten Free $21.00 Add
Margherita Tomato, fior di latte and basil.
$17.00 Add Gluten Free $22.00 Add
Buffalo Tomato, cherry tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil.
$21.00 Add Gluten Free $26.00 Add
Diavola Tomato, fior di latte, olives, hot salame and chilli flakes.
$23.00 Add Gluten Free $28.00 Add
Capricciosa Tomato, fior di latte, double smoked ham, mushrooms, olives and artichokes.
$23.00 Add Gluten Free $28.00 Add
Prosciutto Tomato, fior dI latte, San Daniele prosciutto, rocket and shaved parmesan.
$24.00 Add Gluten Free $29.00 Add

Red Based Pizzas

Vegetariana Tomato, fior di latte, spinach, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, charred onions.
$23.00 Add Gluten Free $28.00 Add
Quattro Carni Tomato, fior di latte, chorizo, pancetta, San Daniele prosciutto, salami and barbecue sauce.
$26.00 Add Gluten Free $31.00 Add
Pollo Tomato, fior di latte, chicken, capsicum, mushrooms, parsley.
$23.00 Add Gluten Free $28.00 Add
Chorizo Tomato, fior di latte, chorizo, capsicum, leek, smoked scamorza, chilli flakes.
$23.00 Add Gluten Free $28.00 Add

White Based Pizzas

Tasmania Fior di latte, potato, gorgonzola, rosemary and pistachios.
$22.00 Add Gluten Free $27.00 Add
Truffle Mushroom Fior di latte, mushrooms, goat’s cheese and truffle oil.
$23.00 Add Gluten Free $28.00 Add
Surfers Paradise Fior di latte, prawns, pancetta, zucchini and smoked scamorza.
$24.00 Add Gluten Free $29.00 Add
The 10 Cheese Pizza Fior di latte, fontina, scarmoza, gorgonzola, goat's cheese, buffalo mozzarella, brie, ricotta, pecorino, parmesan.
$25.00 Add Gluten Free $30.00 Add

Calzone Pizza

Calzone Classico Fior di latte, fresh ricotta, double smoked ham, mushrooms and spinach.
$23.00 Add

Dessert Pizza

Nutella Pizza Nutella, fresh banana and strawberries.
$16.00 Add Gluten Free $23.00 Add


Tagliolini Blue swimmer crab, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, chilli, white wine.
$25.00 Add Gluten Free $27.00 Add
Pappardelle Slow-cooked lamb ragu, parmesan.
$24.00 Add Gluten Free $27.00 Add
Ravioli Asparagus, burnt butter and sage, truffle pecorino.
$24.00 Add Gluten Free $27.00 Add
Gnocchi Pork sausage, mushrooms, white wine, parsley, chilli, buffalo mozzarella.
$23.00 Add


Truffle Fries Parmesan, truffle oil and aioli .
$9.50 Add
Beer-Battered Fries and Aioli
$8.00 Add
Garlic Focaccia Chopped herbs, herb infused olive oil.
$6.00 Add
Wild Rocket (GF) Wild rocket, pear, crunched walnuts, shaved Parmesan, balsamic reduction.
$15.00 Add
Chicken (Dairy-Free) (GF) Chicken, puy lentils, Brussels sprouts, apple, pepita seeds, spiced almonds, honey Dijon dressing.
$18.00 Add
Quinoa Salad (GF) Quinoa, shredded kale, sweet corn, dates, pickled beetroot, feta cheese, crushed almonds, sherry vinaigrette.
$16.00 Add


Soft Drink (375ml)
Coke $2.00 Add Coke Zero $2.00 Add Diet Coke $2.00 Add Fanta Lemon Lift $2.00 Add Fanta Orange $2.00 Add Sprite $2.00 Add
Soft Drink (1.25L)
Coke $4.00 Add Coke Zero $4.00 Add Fanta Orange $4.00 Add Sprite $4.00 Add
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (500ml Plastic Bottle)
$3.50 Add
Acqua Panna Still Water (500ml Plastic Bottle)
$3.50 Add


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